Aluminium, Commercial Alloy6026 T9 Bar

Tin free aluminium alloy machining bar recently developed to meet European Environmental Protection Directives.

Aluminium alloy 6026 is a recently developed alloy meeting the following European Environmental Protection Directives:

Alloy 6026 does not contain Tin (Sn) which can cause weakness and cracking of machined parts when subjected to stress and high temperature.

Alloy 6026 is a good alternative to alloys 6061 and 6082. Extruded bars in alloy 6026 have the same minimum tensile strength as alloys 2011 & 2030.

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Product FormImperial SizesMetric Sizes
Round Bar316" - 16"6.0mm - 50.0mm
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Temper Types

The most common temper for 6026 aluminium is:

  • T9


Chemical Composition


  • Machined parts especially on high speed automatic lathes
  • Decorative anodising
  • Hard anodising
  • Hot forging
  • Automotive components such as brake systems
  • Electrical & electronic parts


  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for anodising to provide both decorative and hard anodised finishes
  • Good alternative to alloys 6061 and 6082
  • Extruded Bars in alloy 6026 have the same minimum tensile strength as alloys 2011 & 2030
  • Good weldability
  • 6026 can be used in place of alloys 6082 or 6081, especially where the finished parts require extensive machining on high speed automtatic lathes and machining centres

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