Processing & Fabrication

Our processing facilities provide considerable benefits to our customers including minimum lead times, reduced hidden costs, no need for stock-holding and lower costs through us optimising our machine utilisation.

We have extensive facilities across all of our Service Centres through which we can supply more finished components, thereby freeing up our customers to focus on their specific contribution to adding value through manufacturing. The front-end operations are often the least profitable so by taking engineering raw materials already cut to size, with specific finishing and coating, our customers can undertake the more complex and profitable manufacturing processes.


Our in-house processing includes bar sawing, flat bed sheet sawing, guillotining and polycoating. In addition, we can offer the following services:

CNC Routing

We offer an in-house CNC routing service, taking technical drawings from paper to product in a matter of days. Capable of producing one-off or high volume machining in aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, composites and timber. With a maximum size of 4000 x 2500mm, and a maximum thickness of 20mm, we can cut, groove, chamfer, channel, engrave and drill almost any design. Solid relationships with several of Europe’s biggest tooling manufacturers mean we can source the best possible tools to produce our products.

Size specifications

Fabrication MethodSizes

Slitting and Recoiling

Minimum width 3mm – Maximum width 1300mm.


Minimum width 50mm – Maximum width 1000mm.

Minimum length 50mm – Maximum length 2500mm.

Cut To Length

Minimum width 500mm – Maximum width 1500mm.


Minimum length 500mm – Maximum length 12000mm.

Minimum width 50mm – Maximum width 2500mm.

Minimum length 20mm – Maximum length 1250mm.


Maximum width of 1500mm

CNC Fabrication

The only limitation is a maximum starting sheet of 4000 x 2500mm, and your imagination.

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