Empowering our employees & supporting local communities

We want everyone who works at Righton Blackburns to feel supported and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Finding ways to make Righton Blackburns a truly great place to work

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Equity, diversity & inclusion is celebrated by all colleagues through recruitment, induction, training, development and promotion.
  • Recognising that not everybody starts from the same place, we believe in being equitable and treating people fairly, taking opportunities to address any imbalances where we can.
  • We celebrate diversity and the ways in which people differ.
  • We are inclusive and make people feel welcomed and valued.

We aim to develop a culture based on trust, support and mutual respect within the workplace, creating an environment that supports the overall wellbeing of all employees.

  • Mindhealth: Discussed and managed openly and respectfully throughout the business.
  • Financial wellbeing: Developed through fair reward against performance, individual understanding of personal finance and additional support for periods of personal financial difficulty.
  • Physical wellbeing: Encouraged through workplace provision and personal interest.
  • Social wellbeing: Promoted through development of work-life balance initiatives.
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Our roadmap to attract, retain and reward our employees Enriching the lives of our employees and their families

Our initiatives:


Business Principles

Learning & Development

Cultural Development

Discovery working parties

Employee assistance programme

Online HR

Policies & standard operating procedure

EDI training

Health & safety

Mindhealth awareness

Financial wellbeing

Career pathways

Personal development

Induction & onboarding

Applicant tracking system

Find your local Service Centre

An extensive UK network of Service Centres, backed up by a central distribution facility.

  • Experienced multi-product specialists

  • In-house state of the art processing facilities

  • Large fleet of bespoke delivery vehicles

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Generating value for all organisational stakeholders

Environmental considerations:

  • Biodiversity loss
  • Climate change
  • Renewable energy
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Green building
  • Deforestation
  • Pollution
  • Reduced waste
  • Water usage

Social considerations:

  • Equality, diversity & inclusion, race, gender
  • Bullying, harassment
  • Human rights, modern slavery
  • Privacy & data security
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Employee assistance program
  • Cultural heritage
  • Mindhealth awareness
  • Health & safety practices (for employees and the wider community)
  • Supporting local communities
  • Learning & development

Governance considerations:

  • Transparency
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Decision making
  • Anti bribery and corruption
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • Robust health and safe environment
  • Quality management system
  • Sustainable supply chain, ethical trading

Working in the community

AED Action

Life saving defibrillators have been installed at the majority of our Service Centres with the remainder by the end of 2023.

Cardiac arrests can affect anyone at any time. 30,000 occur outside of hospitals across the UK each year. Currently less than 10% of these people experiencing cardiac arrests in the community...
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Righton Blackburns Work to be Greener and Drive Down Emissions

Righton Blackburns take the first step in a concerted effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Righton Blackburns Opens New Environmentally-Friendly Service Centre In Bedford

We have recently relocated our Bedford Service Centre, with a new warehouse and office established in Wixams, just south of Bedford town centre.

Our new Bedford Service Centre has been designed to support our aim of being the first-choice supplier for all local Metal and Plastics demand, through sustainable and effective supply and a...
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Responsible welfare Supporting the wellbeing of our employees

We have always sought to treat everyone who is a part of Righton Blackburns fairly and ethically, and we want to ensure we continue to look after their wellbeing. Because our people know we care about them, they care about each other, fostering a culture of genuine respect. Our commitment is to maintain a company where diversity and inclusivity are valued. We continually work to provide our people with the tools and opportunities to build themselves and their colleagues to their full potential.

Mindhealth awareness training

People working party

Coaching training for managers

Financial webinars

Wellbeing policy

Remote online GP service

Employee engagement survey

Resilience Training

National living wage employer

Employee assistance programme

Induction & onboarding programme

Minimum wage reporting

On-site employee medical assessments

EDI policy

Pension webinars & advice

Menopause policy

Gender equality reporting

Energy crisis payment

Defibrillators on each site

Company Information Hub

Updated HR policies

Sustainable Development Goals Logo

Our sustainability agenda contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Reduce inequality within and among countries

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

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United, ethical responsibility throughout every supply chain

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An extensive UK network of service centres is backed up by a secondary storage facility in central Europe

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