Aluminium, Commercial Alloy2014 T6511 Bar & Extrusion

A high strength aluminium alloy which retains its strength after heat treatment.

A high strength 4 to 5% copper alloy produced in extruded bar and profile form, in the fully heat-treated condition (solution heat-treated & artificially aged).

Normally stocked in the T6511 condition (stress relieved by controlled stretching) Except for sizes under 10mm diameter and over 203.2mm diameter. (T6 only). Over diameter is manufactured to chemical composition only.

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Product FormImperial SizesMetric Sizes
Round Bar316" - 16"6.0mm - 50.0mm
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Temper Types

This datasheet relates to temper T6511. The most common tempers for aluminium alloy 2014A are:

  • T3
  • T6511
  • T651
  • T6


Chemical Composition


  • High strength aerospace components
  • Military vehicles
  • Bridges
  • Weapons manufacture
  • Structural applications


  • Machinability of aluminium alloy 2014A is very good.
  • Resistance to atmospheric attack is poor especially when exposed to water or salt environments. To protect against atmospheric corrosion in storage, lightly coat with lanolin based protective oil.
  • Good hard anodising capability
  • Good strength levels after heat treatment

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