Aluminium Extrusions

Our aluminium extrusion service allows the rapid provision of bespoke extrusions to your exact specifications.

Our on-site experts and state-of-the-art extrusion presses mean you can be sure of the quality and consistency of the finished extrusion meets your exact requirements. We can also provide rapid die turnaround, meaning lead times for new extrusions are kept to a minimum.

Beyond the actual extrusion process, we also offer a complete pre-fabrication service; cutting, drilling, CNC machining, punching, bending, tapping, mitring, milling, notching, turning, bolting, riveting, welding, and bonding. We also offer a range of finishes, including painting, sublimation, and anodising.

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Applications of Aluminium Extrusions

Architecture & Construction

Perhaps the most common use for aluminium extrusions is in construction. Roofing and glazing systems form the most common applications here, with aluminium extrusions being used widely in commercial settings for shopfronts and in domestic settings for conservatories. Although the benefits of aluminium extrusions for glazing are extensive, the high thermal conductivity of aluminium does need to be addressed with suitable barriers and insulation. The high strength to weight ratio of aluminium make it ideal for curtain walls in particular.

The Process of Extruding AluminiumStandards for Aluminium ExtrusionsProperties & Applications of Aluminium

Fabrication & Processing of Aluminium Extrusions

CNC Machining

We offer an expert in-house CNC machining service as part of our state-of-the-art facilities.

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Bespoke aluminium extrusions