Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items (CFSI) Policy

Righton & Blackburns Limited is one of the UK’s leading stockist distributors of metals and plastics.

It is the Policy of the Company that effective procedures and processes are implemented in the key functional areas of purchasing, sales, and goods receiving, and that these controls are sufficiently robust to eliminate the risk of the supply of Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items (CFSI) to our customers. These controls will be applied in observance of recognised published Standards, e.g. Defence Standard 05-135.

Counterfeit and fraudulent material is material whose origin, age, composition, configuration, certification status or other characteristic (including whether or not the material has been used previously) has been falsely represented in any of the following ways:-

  • Misleading marking of the material, labelling or packaging
  • Misleading documentation (e.g. material and/or test certification)
  • Any other means, including failing to disclose information

Righton & Blackburns strives to be the most trusted provider of consistently high quality metals & plastics. As a stockist distributor, the Company is not engaged in the manufacture of materials it supplies, but its Policy is one of purchasing high quality material from recognised approved suppliers. This is driven by a purchasing strategy of developing and maintaining strong supply chain relationships with our key strategic suppliers based on cooperation, integrity and mutual trust. Supplier credentials are checked and verified at prescribed intervals by suitably qualified and experienced personnel – this is carried out in accordance with the Company’s supplier selection, evaluation, and re-evaluation process.

Should any CFSI be discovered, the Company will work extremely closely with any affected customers to ensure that CFSI are quarantined and destroyed (or otherwise rendered unusable), in order to prevent materials from re-entering the supply chain.

All employees directly involved in any of the Company’s key operational functions will be appropriately trained and made aware of CFSI and the potential risks that CFSI presents to the supply chain.

We believe that the above described measures outlined in this Policy will provide all the necessary safeguards to our customers in protecting them from the risk of supply of CFSI.

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