Aluminium Honeycomb Panels

An aluminium sandwich-type panel with high rigidity and extremely low weight.

The system components, i.e. the “aluminium core” and the coil-coated “aluminium cover sheets” are bonded in a continuous process. The advantages are product quality and surface evenness; the material does not become brittle-hard but shows tough and resilient properties and an excellent peel strength. It is the ideal material for a host of applications in transport, architecture or industrial production.

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Sheet Size (mm)Thicknesses (mm)

2500 x 1250

5, 6, 10, 15 & 20

3000 x 1500


3050 x 1500


3125 x 1250

20 & 25

3125 x 1500

6, 10 & 15

6250 x 1250

6 & 20

6250 x 1500

10, 15 & 20

Honeycomb Panel

Product Information

The honeycomb core consists of aluminium foils made of the alloy AlMn (EN AW 3003) Cell size is approx. 6.3 – 12.7 mm. The cover sheets of the honeycomb panels consist of corrosion-resistant Peraluman alloys (AlMg) and may be used in a decorative or functional manner, depending on the purpose of application.




Total Thickness

5.5 - 50mm


2000 - 9600mm

Thickness of Aluminium Cover Sheet (Front)


Thickness of Aluminium Cover Sheet (Rear)


A complete range of aluminium honeycomb section are also available on request. Please contact your local Service Centre for further information.

Dimensional Tolerances

Thickness: ± 0.2 mm (mill-finished/stove-lacquered)

Width: -0 / +4 mm

Lengths 2000 – 4000 mm: -0/+4 mm

Lengths 4001 – 9000 mm: -0/+6 mm

Temperature Resistance

Approx -40 degrees C to +80 degrees C

Industry Applications



Honeycomb panels can be processed using the following methods:

  • Cutting
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Folding
  • Bending
  • Press Forming
  • Jointing, fixing
  • Edge covering
  • Laminating
  • Lacquering, spraying
  • Printing
  • Glueing

Handling & Care


To avoid possible reflection differences (which does not apply to solid colours), we recommend installing the panels in the same direction as marked on the protective peel-off foil. Colour variations may occur between panels originating from different production batches. To ensure colour consistency, the total requirement for a project should be placed in one order.

Approvals & Fire Classification

Please contact your local Righton Blackburns Service Centre for further information.

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