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PVC foam provides the optimum surface finish for all types of processing in the sign, display and print industries. Rigid PVC can be easily machine formed and welded and is suitable for POS, wall cladding and chemical apparatus.


Foamalux & Foamalux Lite - Matt Finish: A bright white PVC foam sheet helps deliver a more vibrant, sharp, well defined image.

Offering an exceptional strength to weight ratio, Foamalux provides a rigid sheet which is durable and offers superior resistance to knocks and scratches. Even in large format, it is only a fraction of the weight of solid display material of similar strength, making it much easier to handle and install. The smooth, flat and flawless surface of Foamalux provides a consistently even and reliable high performance surface for different types of printing and mounting. Foamalux typically achieves Class 1Y Surface Spread of Flame in accordance to BS 476: Part 7.


Extensive research into colour pigmentation has led to the development of a brighter white colour formulation throughout the Foamalux range which optimises reproduction capabilities and UV stability to achieve outstanding print clarity and quality. The finely balanced blend of pigments in Foamalux White provides a perfectly clean, crisp printing surface resulting in a noticeably brighter and truer print finish, achieving optimum print clarity of the highest quality. Foamalux White also provides an ideal bright white surface for traditional sign and display applications. It is suitable for direct to substrate digital printing, provides a good surface for screen printing, is ideal for applying vinyl graphics with excellent colour reproduction and superb output quality.

Foamalux Ultra - Gloss Finish: For endless applications in the sign, display and fabrication industries.

Foamalux Ultra is a strong and durable rigid foam PVC sheet with a high gloss finish, giving it a high end appeal. The co-extruded gloss surface gives improved UV protection and stability over standard foam PVC.

Foamalux Ultra is available in white plus 6 deep intense colours including Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Grey and Black. It has a high quality gloss surface, enhanced UV protection, is half the weight of acrylic sheet. Foamalux Ultra is ideal for applying vinyl graphics, is suitable for digital printing, provides a good surface for screen printing and is easily fabricated for 3D displays.

Foamalux Xtra: Recycled foam PVC - A cost effective and environmentally friendly sign and display solution.

Make a greener choice with Foamalux Xtra, the environmental range of Foam PVC from Brett Martin. Manufactured from recycled foam PVC recovered from production and post consumer waste, Foamalux Xtra Foam PVC is the green alternative. It comprises a recycled black core, sandwiched between one or two surfaces of premium quality virgin white PVC, providing the optimum surface for any sign and display application. Containing up to 80% recycled content it is the environmentally friendly sign and display solution. Foamalux Xtra has a UV stable bright white surface, is consistently smooth and even, hard and resilient, producing quality digital and screen printing and excellent vinyl adhesion.

Single or double sided sheet formats are available in a range of thicknesses from 3-19mm.

KömaPrint Digi Foam

KömaPrint digi Foam: Offers the perfect base for an excellent printed image particularly in digital and screen printing as well as laminations.

KömaPrint has been developed specifically for the needs of the printing industry. An innovative material with special properties for the perfect coverage of all printing and display design requirements. The finely textured surface and the shining white material (similar to RAL 9003) present the perfect base for an excellent printed image. This material shows to advantage especially in screen and digital printing as well as laminations.


Thanks to its excellent printing and processing properties, KömaPrint is ideal for digital and screen printing applications, whether for signs, displays, banners, lettering, promotional articles, shop window decorations, or photo laminations.

The outstanding printing results made possible with KömaPrint also make this sheet the ideal substrate for presentations, exhibitions, puzzles, and decorations.

For display design, the combination of fine-celled structure and highly stabilising makeup makes KömaPrint a durable, yet lightweight material. In addition, it is moisture-resistant, and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor applications to an equal degree. Whether series or custom production, punching, trimming, sawing, or cutting: KömaPrint offers the best product properties for a wide range of further processing options.

CeluKa Foamed Sheet

CeluKa Foam sheet: Suitable for use in advertising, display structures, cladding, lining and more.

What Is Celuka?
Celuka is primarily a process and as with free foamed PVC, Celuka produces a sheet that has been expanded with gas to create a cell structure that helps to deliver a rigid, yet lightweight product. In the Celuka process the sheet is cooled immediately upon exiting the die which acts to suppress cell formation at the surface, creating a hard, high quality finish, while allowing the hot melt to expand inwards. The process is typically preferred for thicker sheets, available from 10mm.


An excellent replacement material for wood based products, Celuka sheets have the same screw pull rating as pine yet will never be troubled by rot, mould, swelling, chemical attack or insect infestation and have extremely safe fire performance to BS476/7 Class 1. Celuka sheets are suitable for use in many different applications, as with free foamed PVC, including advertising, display structures, cladding, lining and more.

Marvec Bio Hygienic Cladding

The characteristic smooth, easy clean and durable surface of Marvec make it the ideal cladding material for walls and Ceilings. It transforms normal wall finishes into an even, Cleanable surface, which is impervious to the ingress of dirt.


Manufactured from light weight PVC-U, it is easy to handle, cut and bond making installation straight forward and simple. Moisture, impact and chemical resistance ensure that Marvec continues to perform as a hygienic cladding material in even the most challenging of commercial, agricultural and domestic environments.

With an innovative antibacterial technology Marvec FS Bio is setting new standards in hygienic cladding sheet for applications in:

  • Commercial and Restaurant Kitchens
  • Canteen Walls and Ceilings
  • Food Processing
  • Beverage Production
  • Fast Food Outlets
  • Food Storage
  • Swimming Pools and Leisure Facilities
  • WC’s, Bathrooms and Showers
  • Changing Rooms
  • Supermarkets
  • Screen and Partition Walling
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Farm and Livestock Buildings
  • Abattoirs

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