Copper Nickel

Copper nickel is known for its good strength, corrosion resistance and inherent resistance to biofouling in salt water environments. It is commonly used across the marine engineering industry; including, naval and commercial shipbuilding, and the oil and gas markets.

At Righton Blackburns we pride ourselves on our copper nickel range, known to be one of the most extensive in the UK and catering to a host of industries, we are a driving force in today's UK copper nickel market.

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General Information for Copper Nickel

Copper Nickel Product Forms

Copper Nickel has substantial advantages over many other metals, most notably throughout the marine industry. Benefits include superb resistance to seawater, brine water, salts and barnacles, among others, and for this reason is a go-to product in marine engineering, the oil and gas markets and shipbuilding.

Copper Nickel Pipes

Copper Nickel alloys possess superb corrosion resistance and as such are widely used for underwater piping systems and marine hardware. It is widely used in seawater systems, thermal desalination plants and in power generation applications.

Copper Nickel Tubing

Due to its excellent ductility, copper nickel alloys can be easily fabricated in a wide variety of fittings.

Copper nickel tubing can be readily worked into tube sheets for the manufacture of both shell and tube heat exchangers.

Copper Nickel Brake Tubing

90/10 Cu-Ni tubing is also a significantly better choice for automotive brake tubing than low-carbon steel. It performs better for durability, safety and reliability and is also used widely in brake lines, fuel systems, and transmission units.

C70600, a 90/10 alloy, is common in the military, where heavy vehicles are needed, as well as in firefighting. This alloy has a high resistance to road salt corrosion and does not need a further protective coating.

Its use in brake tubing has massively increased in recent years as cars are built to last longer and the search for alternatives to expensive corrosion resistance coatings has intensified.

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Copper Nickel Weight Calculator

All weights shown using this metal weight calculator are for guidance only. They are calculated using nominal dimensions and scientifically recognised densities. Please note that in practice, the actual metal weight can vary significantly from theoretical weight due to variations in manufacturing tolerances and compositions.

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