Aluminium, ASTM & FED-QQQQ-A-225/6 T351 (2024) Bar

Medium to high strength aerospace aluminium alloy.

A medium to high strength alloy with, dependent upon temper, minimum proof stress up to 58 ksi/400 MPa and minimum tensile strength up to 66 ksi/455 MPa.

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Related Specifications

Aluminium alloy QQ-A-225/6 has similarities to the following standard designations and specifications but may not be a direct equivalent:

  • AMS 4120
  • Alloy 2024
  • UNS A92024

Temper Types

Alloy QQ-A-200/3 is supplied in a wide range of tempers:

  • T8510
  • T351
  • T36
  • T851
  • T42
  • T62
  • T8511
  • T4
  • O
  • T6


Chemical Composition


  • Aerospace components
  • Defence components
  • High technology applications


  • Very good machinability
  • Excellent when welding using resistance, spot and beam methods. Other welding methods are not recommended
  • Corrosion resistance to atmospheric attack is poor

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