Stainless Steel Shaped Marine Tubing

Shaped metal tubes: Stronger, safer & more striking.

At Righton Blackburns, the quality of our products is the cornerstone of our reputation. We believe that to supply world-class customers, we to must be world-class in everything we do and in every detail of our business.

We always supply high-quality tubing, and do so in a safe, efficient and timely way. We are renowned for our ability to supply tubes of all sizes, which means that we can closely work to your designs.

We only use premium-grade metals to ensure that the quality of our tubes is optimal, and we undergo rigorous testing and checks. Uncompromising quality control and strict traceability is key to the entire Righton Blackburns operations. We are proud of our commitment to quality and efficiency.

We offer the U.K.’s largest range of Super Mirror Marine Polished tube & sheet. This is mirror polished material refinished to provide an unsurpassable finish and depth of colour giving excellent image clarity and surface texture.

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Marine Stainless Steel Tubing

Shaped tubing solutions for the marine industry

At Righton Blackburns we understand how important it is to create visually appealing but durable metal architecture that can withstand an uncompromising marine environment.

From stunning staircases on super-yachts to grab rails on speedboats, our shaped stainless steel tubes offer the marine industry aesthetic, structural and ergonomic advantages over standard round tubing.

Popular marine applications include:

  • Handrails
  • Grab rails
  • Balustrades
  • Awnings
  • Furniture
  • Kick rails
  • Boarding ladders
  • Barware

Why Choose Shaped Tubing?

We offer tubing in six different shapes; each design has different properties, with profiles such as oval tubing offering significant advantages over standard round tubing.

For example, D-shaped tube has a smooth top and flat section on the underside that allows water to flow off it, preventing water ingress, which means that it is easier to maintain. Ideal as handrail, its distinctive ridged design creates a flat and secure base, which fixes easily to bulwarks and balustrades.

Twisted oval tube boasts attractive contours that catch the light beautifully, and make for stunning spindles on staircases.


Shaped railings are safer than round tube railings because they are easier to grip. Our grab rails are typically shaped from oval tubing and square radius tubing — hands fit comfortably and securely around these shapes (and unlike round tube, hands are not prone to the same degree of slippage).

Similarly, oval tube boarding ladders are more comfortable to climb and offer better grip than round tube ladders.

Corrosion Resistance

Harsh environmental conditions like salt water and constant sun mean that the selection of alloy is critical for marine projects. We make most of our exterior tubing from premium-grade stainless steel 316L (1.4404), which contains a higher nickel and molybdenum content for greater corrosive resistance. The higher corrosion resistance and higher yield strengths of these alloys allow them to withstand far more punishment than the average carbon alloy.

Stainless steel has good weldability and formability, and is scaling resistant. Easy to clean and with strong visual appeal, it is the ideal material for handrails, grab rails, deck fittings, balustrades and furniture.

Greater Choice

Refit or refurbishment, brand-new boat design or prototype, the uniquely shaped tubing is a simple way of offering you or your clients greater choice when it comes to the design of the yacht. Our engineers will work hard to fabricate tubing of any size to meet your needs – even if this requires us to make new tooling.

We can also form tubing from bronze or brass, or apply PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) titanium ion plating to create a brass-effect – or other colours – to stainless steel. If you like traditional teak wood but want to enjoy the properties of aluminium or stainless steel, we can powder coat the tubing with a teak wood-effect.

Product Range

Flat Sided Oval Tube
Flat Oval Tube
Flat Oval Tube

Clean, rounded lines and flat sides provide strength for architectural purposes. This tube is easy to fix to other elements.

This popular tubing is practical, elegant and strong. Its clean shape and its versatility make it viable for a vast number of applications.

The flat side fixes securely – and easily – to other elements. It is simple to maintain, which is why it is so often used in marine and medical industries.

Tests have shown that this profile is up to 54% stronger than standard round tubing, making it our strongest shaped tube.

Stainless Steel Flat Sided Oval Range (304/316)

Size mm1.2mm Wall (304)1.5mm Wall (304)2.0mm Wall (304)2.1mm Wall (304)2.8mm Wall (304)3.0mm Wall (304)1.5mm Wall (316)2.0mm Wall (316)2.1mm Wall (316)2.8mm Wall (316)3.0mm Wall (316)

23.0 x 12.0

27.0 x 14.0

31.0 x 15.0

35.0 x 10.0

35.0 x 21.5

36.0 x 18.0

37.0 x 22.0

38.0 x 11.0

39.0 x 19.0

40.5 x 20.0

41.0 x 15.0

43.0 x 28.0

45.0 x 25.0

48.0 x 21.0

53.0 x 40.0

61.0 x 50.0

62.0 x 31.0

69.0 x 29.0

75.0 x 35.0

78.0 x 39.0

91.0 x 51.0

95.0 x 55.0

99.0 x 38.0

114.0 x 48.0

123.0 x 63.0

128.0 x 55.0

131.0 x 50.0

133.0 x 63.0

138.0 x 73.0

167.0 x 66.0

195.0 x 85.0

Aluminium Flat sided Oval Tube Range (5083/6063)

Size (mm)2.1mm Wall (5083)2.8mm Wall (5083)2.9mm Wall (5083)3.4mm Wall (5083)3.6mm Wall (5083)3.7mm Wall (5083)3.2mm Wall (6063)

26.0 x 13.0

27.0 x 14.0

31.0 x 18.0

40.5 x 20.0

43.08 x 28.0

50.0 x 25.0

59.5 x 28.0

Brass Flat Side Oval Tube (CZ108)

Size (mm)16mm Wall3.2mm Wall

23.0 x 12.0

27.0 x 14.0

31.0 x 15.0

35.0 x 9.0

39.0 x 19.0

41.0 x 15.0

43.0 x 28.0

62.0 x 31.0

70.0 x 35.0

Stainless Steel (304 & 316): 5.7m lengths

Aluminium 5083: 5.7m lengths

Aluminium 6063: 4.7m lengths

Brass CZ108: 4.7m lengths

Bisca Architectural Railing Marple Aqueduct 14
Bisca Architectural Railing Marple Aqueduct 14

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