Stainless Steel, Ferritic1.4003 (3CR12)

A utility ferritic stainless steel, often used in place of mild steel.

Type 1.4003 stainless steel was developed as an alternative material for construction where the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and fabrication requirements of other materials such as mild steel, galvanised steel, aluminised steel, aluminium or pre-painted steels are unsuitable.

It offers the benefits of more highly alloyed stainless steels such as strength, corrosion and abrasion resistance, durability and low maintenance. In addition type 1.4003 Is weldable and formable allowing it to be fabricated using conventional techniques.

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Sheet Size (ID Finish)Thicknesses
2000 x 10002.0mm - 4.0mm
2500 x 12502.0mm - 4.0mm
3000 x 15002.0mm - 4.0mm
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Related Specifications

Stainless steel grade 1.4003 also corresponds to but may not be a direct equvalent to:

  • 3CR12
  • Nirosta 4003


Chemical Composition


  • Bulk wet materials handling
  • Vehicle frames/chassis
  • Rail car hoppers
  • Sweeper and gritter vehicles
  • Conveyors, chutes, screen, troughs
  • Bunkers & hoppers
  • Tanks & containers
  • Chimneys & ducting
  • Enclosures & cabinets
  • Walkways, stairs & railings
  • Cable trays


  • 250 times greater corrosion resistance than mild steel
  • Corrosion/abrasion resistance
  • Economical - Low initial cost, low maintenance
  • High strength
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Can be welded by conventional methods
  • Can eliminate need for protective coating
  • Can eliminate need for corrosion allowance
  • Proven success in many applications across a wide range of industries
  • Good performance at elevated temperatures
  • Lower cost than austenitic stainless

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