Copper Alloys, Phosphor & Leaded BronzeAMS 4625 (C51000)

A lower strength, wrought hardened copper alloy used in electrical, fastener and industrial applications.

AMS 4625 is a tin bronze that contains copper, tin, and phosphorous. The tin increases corrosion resistance and strength, while the phosphorous increases wear resistance and stiffness.. It has moderate strength, corrosion resistance and good bearing properties.

C51000 is one of the most widely used phosphor bronzes, owing to its unique combination of properties. It has many uses within the aerospace industry, including bushings, landing gear parts, washers and track bearings.

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Related Specifications

  • ASTM B139 C51000 H04
  • AMS 4625
  • QQ-B-750 Amd 2 Composition A Hard


Chemical Composition


  • Architecture: Bridge bearing plates
  • Electrical: Terminals, contacts, switch parts, electromechanical spring components, resistance wire, electrical flexing contact blades, electrical connectors, electronic connectors, wire brushes,electronic and precision instrument parts, fuse clips, terminal brackets
  • Fasteners: Lock washers, fasteners, cotter pins
  • Industrial: Bellows, textile machinery, perforated sheets, chemical hardware, truss wire, mechanical springs, sleeve bushings, diaphragms, clutch disks, welding rods, pressure responsive elements, sprinkler parts, textile machinery parts


  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Moderate strength properties
  • Good in for anti-galling concerns
  • Excellent machinability
  • Low friction properties
  • Good stiffness ratios
  • Good cold forming properties

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