Stainless Steel, AusteniticS20910 (XM-19) Bar & Sheet

A highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel with good mechanical strength and high corrosion resistance.

XM-19 is a nitrogen-strengthened austenitic stainless steel that is available in an annealed or high strength condition.

XM-19 can be used in a wide variety of industries including chemical, marine, nuclear, food processing, petrochemical, sour well service, cryogenic, textile and pulp & paper.

UNS S20910/XM-19 stainless steel provides outstanding resistance to general corrosion - Superior to Types 316/316L and 317/317L in many media.

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Product FormSize Range
Round Bar Peeled K1235mm - 70mm
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Related Specifications

  • XM-19
  • XM19
  • UNS S20910
  • Notronic 50
  • 1.3964
  • ASTM A479/A182


Chemical Composition


  • Oil & gas industry downhole equipment
  • Marine pumps, valves, masts, tie downs, fixtures and fittings
  • Food processing equipment
  • Process industry equipment in sulphuric acid, nitric acid, polythionic acid, urea production, organic & fatty acids
  • Pulp and paper Industry valves and fittings


  • Mechanical strength better than that of other austentics including 316/316L
  • Greater corrosion resistance than other austenitics
  • Good mechanical properties at elevated and sub-zero temperatures
  • Good ductility and impact strength maintained at sub-zero temepratures
  • Does not become magnetic even when severely cold worked
  • Utilises the same fabrication procedures as stainless steel 300 grades
  • Utilises the same cooling techniques as stainless steel 300 grades
  • Readily weldable using standard processes
  • Listed in food handling standards (FDA) as an acceptable material for food contact surfaces
  • Listed in MR-1075 for sour service oilfield applications

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