Bearing SteelsAMS 5749 (BG42) Bar & Sheet

A martensitic stainless steel designed for aerospace structural components and high performance bearings.

BG42 is a double vacuum melted martensitic stainless high speed steel designed for critical aerospace structural components and high performance bearings. The steel is vacuum induction melted (VIM) and vacuum arc remelted (VAR) to provide the extremely high cleanliness level required for these fatigue-critical applications.

BG42 has proven to be an excellent knife steel when produced in sheet form. It offers excellent wear and corrosion resistance. The molybdenum enhances the corrosion resistance provided by the high chromium content. In addition, the chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium contents provide approximately 19% carbide volume in the steel.

This high carbide volume and the presence of very hard vanadium carbides enhance the wear resistance and edge retention of knife blades.

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