Bearing SteelsAMS5618/AMS5880/AMS5630 (440C)

A high carbon chromium steel alloy.

440C is a high-carbon chromium steel alloy that offers stainless properties at maximum hardness. It is used in the hardened plus tempered condition, typically as a bearing steel. 440C can provide the highest hardness of any stainless steel when it has been heat treated.

Typical applications include bearing assemblies- balls and races. It can also be used for valves, ball check valves, cutlery, pump parts and bushings.

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Chemical Composition


  • Cutting instruments
  • Ball bearings and ball screws
  • Knife blades, chisels, and swords
  • Surgical instruments


  • Capable of hardnesses in excess of 58 HRC after heat treatment
  • Suitable for anti-friction bearing components where resistance to both corrosion and wear is essential

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