Plastics, PVCHygienic PVC Cladding Sheet

A wall and ceiling cladding is suitable for use in hygienically demanding non food contact applications.

The antibacterial active ingredient in hygienic cladding sheet provides dual biostatic and biocidal action which stops bacterial growth and kills the bacteria on the sheet.

Unique construction materials are a means of satisfying the ever increasing regulatory requirements placed on hygiene standards in food processing areas, hospitals, medical facilities, commercial kitchens, abattoirs etc. This material inhibits the spread of bacteria and is suitable for use in hygienically demanding applications which require its antimicrobial action.

The active ingredient is a silver glass matrix which releases silver ions throughout the sheet for a consistently effective action against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. As the matrix is evenly distributed throughout the sheet, the effectiveness of the material is maintained, even if the surface becomes worn or scratched.

It can be easily cleaned with typical non-abrasive cleaning products and disinfectants and satisfies requirements on fire performance.

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Hygienic cladding is available in white with a satin/gloss finish.

Sheet SizeThicknesses
2440 x 12200.9mm - 2.7mm
2750 x 12200.9mm - 2.7mm
3050 x 12200.9mm - 2.7mm
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Typical PropertyTest MethodValue

Physical Properties

Specific GravityDIN 534791.38 - 1.42 g/cm3
Water AbsorptionDIN 534950.15 %w/w
Thermal Properties
Linear Thermal ExpansionDIN 537626.8 x 10-5 m/mK
Thermal ConductivityDIN 526120.16
Softening PointDIN 5346072 - 74 °C
Deformation Temp at LoadASTM D 64864-65 °C
Melting Point> 120 °C
> 120 °C-20 to +60 °C
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength at YieldDIN 5345558-62 MN/m2
Elongation at BreakDIN 53455>100%
Elastic ModulusDIN 534550.3 GM/m2
Impact ResistanceDIN 5344815 kN/m2
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength40 kV/cm
Surface Resistivity1013 Ohm
Volume Resistivity1015 Ohm*cm
Dielectric Constant3.6 (for 1kHz)
Dielectric Dissipation Factor0.015 (for 1kHz)
Tracking ResistanceCPI

Additional Information




  • Operating theatres
  • Hospitals & clinics
  • Laboratories & clean rooms


  • Food production areas
  • Commercial & restaurant kitchens
  • Plating of food
  • Abattoirs


  • Livestock, poultry & dairy farms
  • Egg sorting halls
  • Storage chambers


  • Satin or matt surface finish
  • Easily cleaned
  • Light weight, easy to transport, handle and install
  • Low maintenance
  • Moisture resistant
  • Robust and durable
  • Easily bonded to substrates
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Corrosion free
  • Excellent fire performance
  • Non porous – does not absorb retain any microbial material

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