Plastics, PVCColoured Foam PVC Sheet

Depth and intensity of colour with a silky smooth matt surface finish.

Coloured foam PVC with a renowned reputation for ultra smooth and consistently even surfaces. Its quality, flawlessness and versatility offers the designer unlimited application possibilities in the creation of interiors, shop outfitting, signage, contemporary displays, product design and fabrication.

Choose from an extensive choice of 15 vibrant colours (strawberry red, red, orange, sunburst yellow, yellow, ivory, green, blue, light blue, grey, black and 4 limited edition colours neon pink, neon green, raspberry, black sparkle) plus bright white which gives the best colour interpretation in digital printing and UV curing.

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Sheet SizeThicknesses
1220 x 24403.0mm & 5.0mm
2050 x 30503.0mm & 5.0mm
If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact your local service centre with your specific requirements.


Physical Properties
Base PolymerPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
FormUnplasticised rigid foam PVC shhet
Moisture Absorption (24hr @ 23oC)<0.25% by weight
Water SolubilityInsoluble
Oxygen Index48%
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength at Yield16MPa
Modulus of Elasticity0.85-0.9 MPa
Elongation at Break27-29%
Flexural Strength25-27 MPa
Impact Resistance (Charpy)15 kJ/m2
Average Sheet Hardness> 30 Shore D
Thermal Properties
Vicat Softening Temp73-76 °C
Thermal Expansion Coeff0.068 mm/m °C
Service Temp Range-20 to +60 °C
Thermal Conductivity K0.085 W/m °C
Thermal Decomposition Temp>200°C
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength100 kV/cm
Surface Resistance>1012 Ohm
Volume Resistivity4 x 1015 Ohm*cm
Dielectric Constant2.4 (for 1kHz)
Dielectric Dissipation Factor0.013 (for 1kHz)
Tracking Resistance600 CPI

Additional Information



  • Displays
  • Exhibitions
  • In-store fitting
  • In-store graphics
  • Point of Purchase/Sale
  • Signs - Permanent
  • Signs - Temporary
  • Fabrication
  • Direct digital printing
  • Vinyl application and photo moutning
  • Screen printing


  • Consistent silky smooth matt surface
  • Wide range of vibrant colours
  • Strong, durable rigid sheet
  • Half the weight of solid sheet
  • Ideal for applying vinyl cut graphics
  • Suitable for direct to substrate digital printing
  • Good surface for screen printing
  • Easily fabricated for 3D displays

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