Nickel AlloysNF L14-706 (UA11N) Bar & Forgings

French AFNOR aerospace specification for nickel auminium bronze.

This alloy is a French AFNOR aerospace specification for nickel auminium bronze CuAl11Ni5Fe5. This alloy is more greatly alloyed than NF L14-705 and hence has higher mechanical properties and enhanced wear and anti galling characteristics.

This alloy possesses corrosion and oxidation resistance coupled with wear resistance and high strength.

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Related Specifications

  • BS 2872/4 CA104M
  • BS B 23, BS 2B 23,
  • EN 12163/5/7 CW307G
  • NF L14-706 CuAl11Ni5Fe5
  • AIR 9070 UA11N


Chemical Composition


  • Aerospace: Bushings and bearings
  • General engineering: Wear plates, dies
  • Marine: Valves, hydraulic blocks, fixtures and fittings


  • One of the highest strength aluminium bronzes
  • Can be heat treeted by quench hardening and tempering

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