Nickel AlloysAMS 5662 (Alloy 718) Bar

A precipitation-hardenable nickel chromium grade with extremely high strength.

AMS 5662/Alloy 718 is a nickel-chromium based superalloy in the solution annealed condition. This is the softest of the alloy's "states" and can sometimes offer a machining benefit when used.

It is a high strength nickel-base alloy initially developed for the aerospace industry and is used in applications requiring high strength to approximately 1400°F (760°C) and oxidation resistance to approximately 1800°F (982°C).

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Chemical Composition


  • Turbine components
  • Cryogenic storage tanks
  • Jet engines
  • Pump bodies and parts
  • Rocket motors
  • Thrust reversers
  • Nuclear fuel element spacers
  • Hot extrusion tooling
  • High strength bolting
  • Down hole shafting


  • Good processing properties in the solution annealed condition
  • Good strength/ductility properties from sub-zero temperatures to over 750°C
  • Goood mechanical short and long-term properties, and excellent fatigue strength in the age hardened condition
  • Excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and pitting in chloride-containing media
  • Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and sulphide stress cracking in sour (H2S-containing) oilfield environments
  • Non-magnetic and spark resistant
  • Excellent creep-rupture strength at temperatures up to 700C (1300F)
  • Outstanding weldability

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