Copper (Pure)CW114C (C111) Bar

A free machining sulphur copper with a machinability rating of approximately 80%.

The addition of sulphur to the copper creates Cu2S copper sulphide within the microstructure that acts as a chip breaker and forms the basis of the free machining capacity.

The free cutting properties of sulphur copper combined with its high retention of electrical and thermal conductivity values (usually only associated with purer coppers) enables its use in a wide variety of applications.

CW114C can also be machined at much higher speeds with lower tool wear, giving machinists and designers a more cost effective product.

Sulphur copper is de-oxidised during its manufacture by adding phosphorus, and as a result the material offers a freedom from hydrogen embrittlement. Other benefits of CW114C are high corrosion resistance, a very good formability and can be joined easily by soldering.

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Product FormSize Range
Round Bar (Hard)12" - 1"
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Related Specifications

  • BS2874 C111
  • C14700
  • BS EN12164 CW114C
  • CuSP


Chemical Composition


  • Gas valve nozzles
  • Cable glands & fasteners
  • Circuit breaker terminals
  • Electrical contacts
  • Clamps


  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Retains high levels of thermal conductivity
  • Free machinability
  • Freedom from hydrogen embrittlement
  • Very good thermal conductivity
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Cost effective material since it can be machined at very high speeds without excessive tooling wear
  • Higher machining speeds when compared with pure copper (up to 4 times quicker)

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