Copper Alloys, Phosphor & Leaded BronzeCC492K (LG4) Bar

Leaded tin bronze alloy.

LG4 is a leaded gunmetal bronze with excellent machinability and bearing properties, good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. This alloy has a higher strength than CC490K and CC491K from the additional tin giving better wear resistance.

Leaded bronzes and gunmetals offer better machining characteristics than that of the other bronzes whilst maintaining a good balance of corrosion resistance and strength. Available in cast form only, Righton Blackburns is able to offer material supplied in many internationally recognised standards for use in applications such as bushes and bearings.

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Related Specifications

  • BS1400 LG4
  • CuSn7Pb3Zn3


Chemical Composition


  • Valve parts
  • Pump bodies
  • Sea water handling components
  • Bushes
  • Bearings


  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Better resistance to impingement and cavitation attack in contact with fast moving fluids
  • Good coorsion resistance
  • Moderate strength
  • Better machining characteristics than other bronzes

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