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Marine Plastics

The marine applications for plastics are wide and varied. Boat screens, flat panel windows and hatches manufactured from different acrylic colours, textures and finishes offer a lightweight option with exceptional optical clarity, weather and UV resistance and resistance to scratching.


Cast acrylic sheet is a highly versatile material for interior and exterior applications. It has exceptional transparency qualities and is suitable for screens, windows, nameplates and catering equipment. Acrylic has excellent weathering resistance, low water absorption and good chemical resistance. It alsohas good hygienic properties and is easily formed.


Polycarbonate sheet offers a superior glazing solution to that of other materials, particularly when safety or impact resistance is of vital importance. It can be used in a variety of applications which require its high performance features, including safety glazing, protective screening and fabrication for interior and exterior uses. At only half the weight of glass, polycarbonate has an impact strength 200 times greater. It has light transmissions of up to 90% and has excellent resistance to weather and atmospheric conditions. It also offers good fire performance, up to Class 1 surface spread of flame and it can be easily cold curved on site.

PVC Foam

A lightweight sheet suitable for interior and exterior use that has an ideal combination of strength and durability. It’s hard gloss finish ensures good resistance to knocks and scratches. PVC foam offers good fire performance up to Class 1 surface spread of flame (in accordance with BS476 Part 7). The material can be thermoformed and excellent results are achieved when it is bent, cut, welded, glued or drilled.


Integral skin foam sheet is made of rigid PVC with a sandwich like structure. Manufactured in one single operation, it consists of two solid layers and a cellular one both of the same material. It has a firm smooth skin with a silk gloss finish. It can be used for all applications where resistance to humidity, weathering and aggressive substances is required. The sheets conduct very little heat and thus provide excellent thermal insulation. The material offers good flexural strength combined with low relative density.

UV Stabilised Polyethylene

Rigid PVC sheets made according to DIN 7748 are suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications including cladding, even at low temperatures in cold storage. The sheet has a smooth, glossy surface and offers optimum foiling and is ideal for bonding. It has low flammability and good chemical resistance and is suitable for thermoforming.


This material is excellently suited for the fabrication of all sorts of components on board boats. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is completely resistant to sunlight and water. Fabrication is achieved with common woodworking machinery and tools and the flat surfaces and edges need no further finishing, just sawing, planing and milling. The sheets cannot warp and they are ideal for parts which are exposed to harsh marine conditions and/or to heat (up to 95oC). It can be easily cleaned and with a durable finish, it is a solid, non-laminated material which will never be subject to delamination.

In view of the fact that the sheets need not be sanded, veneered or painted, the saving in labour cost will prove to be considerable. The unique formula of this material resists almost every form of staining, especially those resulting from severe marine conditions. Almost no conventional glue sticks to the sheets. When connecting and fastening the material it is recommended to drill oversized holes for the fastening of bolts or screws. This is especially important in the vicinity of cookers and in engine rooms. The material has been approved for contact with food. It is available in polar white, black and a range of colours.

Engineering Plastics Bar

Righton supply a complete range of engineering plastics including nylon 6, nylon 66, acetal (homo and copolymer), PET, PTFE, PEEK, PES and PPS.

Plastic Piping Systems

Plastic piping systems are ideal for applications where a corrosion free material is required. Not only is the long service life of the system guaranteed but savings are made due to the reduced service and maintenance costs. Plastic piping systems weigh five times less than metal providing a saving of several tonnes per ship, allowing for more freight or passengers and thereby increasing profit. These systems are easily installed, requiring only a small amount of tools and, as prefabrication can occur off-site, installation time on board is also significantly reduced.


Plastic piping systems can be used in numerous applications including water treatment, ballast water treatment, cooling systems, air venting, hot & cold drinking water, technical water, grey & black water, ballast systems and transport & bunker lines.

Plastic piping systems are available in the following materials: ABS, PVC-C, PVC-U, PE 100, PP-H, PB, PP-R and PPFR.

Our range of pipe and fittings include continuous elbows at various degrees, concentric and eccentric reducers, equal and reduced tees, fixed flanges, stub flanges provided with steel backing rings, flange adaptors and blind flanges, sleeve joints, caps and bellmouths. They are available in nominal diameters from 25mm to 1000mm.

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