Plastics, PolycarbonateFlat Polycarbonate Sheet

A clear, transparent glazing material which provides 200 times more impact resistance than glass at only half the weight.

Polycarbonate flat sheet is a highly versatile and lightweight material combining many benefits over traditional glazing and fabrication alternatives. It offers an unequalled combination of clarity, strength, durability, design freedom, thermal and fire resistance.

Polycarbonate sheet can be cold curved, fabricated, thermoformed, hot bent and bonded, making it an ideal product for barrel vault roofing, rooflights, and as a superior glazing solution. Its high performance features make it an exceptional product for safety glazing, protective screening and visors.

In addition to clear polycarbonate sheet, we also supply longlife sheet which offers UV protection making it ideal for exterior applications and abrasion resistance sheet which has a hard coat surface and offers abrasion and chemical resistance.

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  • Tints: Clear, Bronze, Opal and specials including Green, Blue, Grey, Transparent, Translucent and Opaque options are available on request

  • Options: Embossed texture, single sided UV protection, Strong Adhesion Film
Sheet SizeThicknesses
1220 x 24403.0mm - 6.0mm
1250 x 25000.75mm - 1.5mm
2050 x 30502.0mm - 12.0mm
If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact your local service centre with your specific requirements.


PropertyTest Method




DIN 534791.2g/cm3
Water Absorption (23oC)DIN 43495:A0.35%
Water PermeabilityDIN 53122<2.28g/cm3


Tensile Strength at YieldDIN 53455<60MPa
Tensile Strength at BreakDIN 53455>70MPa
Tensile ModulusDIN 534572300MPa
Impact Strength @ 23oC (Notched Charpy)DIN 5345350kJ/m2
Light TransmissionDIN 503687-91%

Refractive Index

DIN 534911.586
Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionDIN 5375268m/m.K x 10-6
Thermal ConductivityDIN 526120.2W/m.K
Max Continuous Service Temp>100oC

Additional Information



  • Visors
  • Machine Guards
  • Vending Equipment
  • Shields for police and the security forces

Print and Display

  • Displays, Signage & Illuminated Signage
  • Poster Covers
  • Light Fixtures


  • Rooflights and glazing
  • Covered Walkways & Canopies
  • Sunrooms
  • Architectural Roofing
  • Protective Screens
  • Vertical Glazing
  • Bus Shelters


  • Legendary strength, 200 times greater than glass, it’s virtually unbreakable
  • Lightweight, less than half the weight of glass
  • High natural light transmission
  • Easy to handle, install and clean
  • Design flexibility
  • Thermally insulating
  • Easy to mount, flexible, formable, and machinable
  • Fire resistant
  • Limited 10 year warranty

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