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Delivering a world-beating service our customers have come to expect, our powders are designed to deliver the best results whichever powder application they may choose including metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) or net shape Powder Metallurgy Hot Isostatic Pressing (PM HIP).

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Powder metals toolsteel

Tool Steel

H13 Tool Steel holds its strength and hardness up to a higher working temperature than most tool steels. It is also abrasion-resistant at both low and high temperatures.

Powder metals maraging steel

Maraging Steel

Maraging M300 steel is an age hardenable (maraging) iron nickel stainless steel. It has exceptional strength, toughness and is resistant to crack propagation.

Powder metals custom powder

Custom Alloys

Sometimes an off-the shelf alloy just won’t do and that’s when you need custom powder. Committed to R&D for next generation alloy development CUSTOM PLUS+ is a growing range of new alloys. Talk to our team of experts today to explore the options available. Enquire Here

Metal Powder Innovation

Highly Spherical

Excellent flow characteristics, resulting in consistently even layers and improved build success. Excellent packing characteristics resulting in near fully dense parts.

Argon Gas

Utilising argon gas in the atomisation process ensures no reaction and is often seen as more advantageous than using nitrogen (depending on alloy).

Anti-Satellite Technology

Satellites impact negatively on the flow and packing properties if the powder. Employing anti-satellite technology in our state-of-the-art atomisation process, satellites are reduced to a minimum.

Plasma Atomisation

Our range of titanium and aluminium alloys are plasma atomised producing highly spherical powders, virtually porosity free.

Vacuum Inert Gas Atomisation

Atomisation under vacuum in inert gas produces powders suitable for the technologies utilised in the processes of Additive Manufacturing and Near Net Shape Manufacturing.

Contamination Prevention

All through the manufacturing and process routes anti-contamination measures are deployed to ensure no cross-contamination or contamination from foreign debris.

Our Network

We work hand-in-hand with you, the customer, as well as our UK based manufacturer and the wider support network they have developed across Universities, Research Organisations and OEMs across the UK and Europe.

Our Promise

Our goal is to supply a broad spectrum of high quality steel and nickel-based alloy powders, designed to deliver the best results for our customers whichever powder production technique they may choose including Additive Manufacturing (AM), Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), and/or Laser Metal Deposition (LMD).

Manufacturing Equipment & Facilities

Vacuum Induction Melting

Melting of metal via electro-magnetic induction under vacuum. VIM is a process used to make superalloys, stainless steels and other demanding high value alloys. 10-250kg batch size with potential capacity of 400 tonnes per annum.

Powder Processing

Flexible powder sieving set-up to provide particle size distributions from 15μm upwards to 150μm suitable for a variety of high value powder applications, with all handling, sieving, blending, sampling and packaging carried out under protected atmospheres to minimise oxygen pick-up.

Powder in a can


Close-coupled inert gas atomisation producing powder up to 150μm. The atomiser is equipped with an anti-satellite system which enables the production of highly spherical powder with very few satellites. This in turn allows the products we sell to exhibit better flowability compared to standard gas-atomised powders.

Powder Characterisation

Suite of standard powder analysis techniques to provide particle size distribution, Hall/Carney flow, tap density, and powder chemistry (through selected partners).

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