Plymouth Service Centre Delivery Vehicles Reduce CO² Emissions by over 90%

A switch to HVO was a huge success with a massive drop in emissions.

We did make quite a big deal about our delivery vehicles at Righton Blackburns Plymouth switching from diesel to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) last year. After a successful trial where HVO demonstrated its reliability, this is now being rolled out to all Righton Blackburns Service Centres.

HVO has several benefits, the most obvious is a huge reduction in carbon emissions. We’re also seeing significant reduction in nitrogen oxide. Our choice of HVO was based on the fact that it is a ready-to-use alternative, it can be simply added to the diesel tank of a lorry without needing to drain out the remaining diesel from the tank or make any mechanical changes to the lorry. This made it an obvious choice with immediate environmental benefits.

HVO sustainable fuel

Our Plymouth team took great care in selecting a supplier for the HVO used in the trial, and we made sure that we selected an HVO supplier who guarantee no palm oil is used in its production. We’ve also seen that it has had no negative impact on the performance of our vehicles or the reliability and timeliness of our deliveries.

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