Stainless Steel and Glass Balustrade by Origin Architectural

Origin Architectural Using Righton Blackburns stainless steel tubing products for a balustrade

Righton Blackburns Leeds recently worked with Origin Architectural on this glass balustrade installed at a residential property near Scarborough.

Given Righton Blackburns' expertise, Origin Architectural came to us to ask for the best grade of stainless steel tubing for the handrail and balusters. Aside from the mechanical properties being up to task, there was also the consideration that the property is near the coast, increasing the risk of atmospheric corrosion. Our Leeds Service Centre recommended the use of grade 316, 320 grit tube, given its well deserved reputation for excellence in marine environments. With the installation so near to the coast, we also recommended the mirror finish to protect the stainless steel against the salt water, as this can cause the tube to discolour and pit. While the mirror finish does show fingerprints and other marks, it's easy to clean, whereas the brushed satin finish isn't suitable for the marine environment. It was less than a week from the initial enquiry to delivery, including cutting to length and mirror polishing.

As part of our Pro-Railing Handrail System, we didn't simply supply the tube, but also all of the fixtures and fittings to make assembling the balustrade as straightforward as possible. Because our in-house processing facilities ensured the tube was cut to the exact dimensions required before it even left our warehouse Origin Architectural could easily transport the components to the site to be assembled quickly and without any specialised tools.

Glass and stainless steel balustrade at a coastal home

Origin Architectural utilised the tube supplied by Righton Blackburns to assemble the balusters, ensuring that the finished product would be aesthetically gorgeous as well as functional and safe. As the balustrade had a handrail made of 42mm stainless steel tubing with 2mm walls, and featured 10mm glass, it fully complies with the relevant Building Regulations. The finished posts Origin delivered were tested to the required line rating of 0.74kN, test required for a domestic balcony protecting a fall of 600mm or more.

The end customer was absolutely thrilled with the end result. Another happy customer for Origin Architectural and Righton Blackburns!

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