A Spotlight On Our Apprentices

Over 18 months ago we teamed up with HIT Training to offer a record 14 apprenticeship programmes at our head office and various Service Centres across the UK in programmes including:

HIT Training is an award-winning apprenticeship provider and has a positive vision of what apprenticeships can do: improve skills and therefore their life chances; make businesses more efficient and boost the economy.

It’s no secret that, at Righton Blackburns, our people are our greatest asset, which is why we’re keen to ensure that all our staff have access to the courses and tools that can help them develop their skills and careers.

This includes Mia David at our Leeds Service Centre - the first person to finish her training in Business Administration with three passes and a distinction. We caught up with Mia to find out more. Mia says,

This course allowed me to further my learning alongside completing my daily duties as an Ops apprentice. It also required me to communicate with different team members quite early on so it massively increased my confidence and working relationships with everyone in the office."I will definitely be continuing to learn and develop by taking a new course.
Business Administration apprentice Mia David

Mia David - the first person to complete our latest series of apprenticeship training schemes - is appropriately presented with her gift by Jennifer Lee, who recently celebrated her 11-year anniversary since also starting as a Righton Blackburns' apprentice.

Currently undertaking the Sales Executive apprenticeship training schemes are Jack Dudley (Account Manager, Manchester) and Tom Sutton (Sales Team Leader, Gateshead). Jack says:

The Sales Exec qualification has really opened my mind by breaking down the factors we take for granted day-to-day. By actively thinking about and discussing these factors with my cohorts I have become more efficient, successful and happier in my role.

Tom echoes this sentiment:

The course has really helped me develop my approach to the whole sales process and not just focus on the end goal. The course has taught me to think about every step of the process and by giving each step due care I have seen my results improve massively. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to develop their career.

Continuing the programme, we are now focused on offering further apprentice programmes for Customer Service and/or Sales Executive apprentices at our Bedford, Plymouth, Portsmouth & Bristol Service Centres. For more information on our apprenticeship schemes and current opportunities, please contact jwheeldon@amari-metals.com.

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