Righton Blackburns Plymouth Service Centre Receives SC21 Silver Award for the Eleventh Year in a Row

Recognising continuous improvement within the 21st Century Supply Chains programme

Our Plymouth Service Centre has once again been awarded the Silver Awards from the ADS Group’s 21st Century Supply Chains (SC21) programme. This makes the eleventh year in a row that Plymouth Service Centre have achieved the silver award.

SC21 Silver Award

SC21 is an annual award for meeting the goals set out by the ADS Group for meeting the guidelines they set out for ongoing improvement to the supply of materials for the Aerospace, Defence, Security, and Space industries in the UK. This includes specific targets for quality, innovation, and sustainability, all in a measured and way that results in continuous improvement.

Righton Blackburns Plymouth isn’t the only winner of this award, our service centres in Portsmouth, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, and Leeds all have SC21 awards as well.

ADS Group are the UK’s trade organisation representing Aerospace, Defence, Security, and Space industries. They promote investment, innovation, development, and promotion of the valuable work the industries contribute to the country. Righton Blackburns are proud to a member of the ADS Group, and will be attending Farnborough International Airshow in July of this year to collect the awards.

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