Righton Blackburns Become Sole Distributor of Liberty Powder Metals

Righton Blackburns have recently been announced as the sole UK and Ireland distributor of Liberty Powder Metals
producers of premium metal powders and alloys that enable 3D printing of precision components.

Righton Blackburns Powder Metals Division will now store over 10 tonnes of Liberty Powder Metal products in our 4,000m2 dedicated national distribution centre in the West Midlands. This in turn will serve as a hub to our service customers throughout our network of 10 service centres across the UK.

“We are excited to announce our new business division and our entry into the world of powder metallurgy" said our Managing Director David Wycherley.

With Liberty Powder Metals, we believe we have found the right manufacturing partner given their unique atomisation processes incorporating anti-satellite technology, resulting in highly spherical powders. With near-net shape manufacturing processes including Additive Manufacturing and PM-HIP being embraced by more of our customers, it was only natural this would be a space where we would want to operate.

Stocking an extensive range of powder metals from steels and stainless steel, through nickel superalloys and cobalt chrome to aluminium and titanium alloys in a variety of particle size distributions, we look forward to delivering the world-beating service and customer satisfaction our customers have come to expect.”

3D metal printing (aka 'metal additive manufacturing') is a rapidly growing technology, and additive manufacturing capabilities are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and efficient. Benefits include:

We are thrilled that, through our partnership with Liberty Metals, Righton Blackburns will be at the forefront of this exciting and new technology. We look forward to being able to meet the varied demands of our ever-growing customers in this sector.

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