Righton Blackburns Work to be Greener and Drive Down Emissions

Righton Blackburns take the first step in a concerted effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

As part of our objective to have all Righton Blackburns Service Centres ISO 14001 compliant by the end of this year, we’ve started rolling out changes to reduce our carbon footprint. The first step we’ve taken, which should be expected for a company that takes pride in the expertise of our people, is Fuel Efficiency & Awareness Training Assessment for our drivers.

This intensive course encourages drivers to use forward-thinking, both towards other road users and potential hazards, and to drive in a manner that reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Our drivers in Bristol were the first to complete the Fuel Efficiency & Awareness Training Assessment late last year, and we’re so proud that they all passed with flying colours. This sets a great example for the drivers at our other Service Centres.

Fuel Efficient Drivers

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Fuel Efficient Drivers