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Pro-Railing® Handrail

Pro-Railing® is a stylish, durable and cost effective stainless steel handrailing component system designed with ease of installation in mind.

The Pro-Railing® system enables the most stylish of handrailing and balustrades to be constructed quickly and simply by the contractor. Just cut, glue or screw to create professional results every time.


Specifiers can be assured that component design and range flexibility means installation by a competent installer is a straight forward process.

We offer a range of infill solutions using glass with glass clamps, wire rope, round and decorative bars. We can also supply infill panels incorporating perforated metal, wire mesh and wire rope netting.

The extensive Pro-Railing® range is available in type 304 and type 316 to suit internal and external applications and you can be sure Pro-Railing® quality and product care will ensure stunning results. We also stock an extensive range of standard handrail tube in 6 metre lengths.

Steel Color®

Steel Color® is a leading stainless steel pattern and colouring specialists, supplying a wide range of stainless steel patterns, finishes and custom creations that can be used in a variety of applications, particularly in the construction industry for façades, the global lift industry and architectural interior applications for urban design.


Steel Color® SpA offers a number of different stainless steel products: natural embossed patterns commonly used within the lift, escalator and cladding sectors. Steel Color® electro-coloured (INCO) and T-steel (PVD) coloured stainless steel products have outstanding aesthetic quality. This with the combination of various colours, satin, bead blast and mirror polish finishes, etched texture effects and embossed patterns, increases the options available. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Steel Color® products can be worked by many processes, including forming, laser cutting and guillotining.


Modern architecture would not be possible without aluminium. It is functional, cost effective, light but strong, non-corrosive, non-toxic, durable and allows for a greater variety of aesthetic and environmental considerations. In addition to structural applications, some of its uses include doors, windows, sliding, roofing, curtain walling, Brise soleil sun shading, flashings, balustrades and decorative applications. One of the most energy-efficient and sustainable construction materials, at the end of the life cycle it can be remelted to produce new aluminium without loss of quality, ensuring infinite recyclability.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been the leading material for projecting progressive, modern architecture for more than eighty years. It is popular for high-traffic public transit, security and other architectural applications where long-term durability is an essential consideration. Stainless steel products are attractive and corrosion resistant, straightforward to fabricate, need little maintenance, offer good strength, toughness and fatigue properties, and are fully recyclable at end-of-life. Structural applications include load-bearing components in pedestrian, road and railway bridges and tunnels, while it is also widely used for street furniture and in entrance structures to underground stations.



The largest end use for copper is in the building industry with its performance, durability, a range of colours, forms and textures, all in a natural, 100% recyclable material. Copper provides a beautiful, practical and sustainable contribution to modern construction as a visually pleasing material, able to give structures a touch of sophistication.


Complementing commonly-used materials such as brick, wood, stone and glass, copper can be used for buildings with modern or traditional styles for both indoor and outdoor architectural elements, including wall cladding, roofs, gutters, and expansion joints.

Grades includes:


Beauty, elegance, strength, and versatility: the qualities of brass make it an outstanding metal for countless architectural needs. Often used as a cladding material brass naturally patinates through the years. It is extremely durable, can withstand very high temperatures, is corrosion resistant, does not rust, and has a machinability which allows shaping into countless forms without losing strength.



Architectural bronze combines stability, strength and longevity with an aesthetic appeal which improves with time. It is commonly used for door and window frames and hardware, letterboxes, trim or rails, and furniture hardware.


Grades includes:

Aluminium - Special Products
Aleris 55HX®

A high-quality, high-performance aluminium for interior and exterior applications, 55HX® is the ideal choice for façades, cladding, ceilings, walls and showcase designs. With a large array of processing options and finishes, it provides architects and designers with additional creative freedom.



TruGuard® is an anti-climb spike fencing product specifically developed to make premises safe and secure. Offering long lasting, maintenance free performance, they work well with all perimeter security: walls, gates, palisade fencing and even lightweight mesh fencing. TruGuard® anti climb system is classed as non-injurious and can be fitted at a height of 1.8m and above. However, it is recommended that all perimeter security installations display warning signs, particularly on the public side of a perimeter where it can be reasonably expected to be seen.

For further information on TruGuard® please contact us on 01384 276 400 or email us at

Hygienic PVC Cladding

Ever-increasing regulatory requirements are being placed on hygiene standards in food, medical and farming industry buildings. The characteristic smooth, anti-bacterial, easy clean and durable surface of hygienic PVC sheet makes it the ideal cladding material for walls and ceilings. It transforms normal wall finishes into an even, cleanable surface which is impervious to the ingress of dirt and is suitable for hygienically demanding applications which require an antimicrobial action. It is resistant to cracking and splitting, providing excellent protection against abrasion to maintain a hygienically smooth cleanable surface.

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