New LED Lighting at Plymouth Service Centre

Better, more efficient lighting

Righton Blackburns Plymouth have recently switched out 49 high-pressure sodium lights for new LED light fittings, improving the lighting in the warehouse and reducing energy expenditure.

As part of our ISO 14001 commitments, both to environment and to our people, Plymouth Service Centre have upgraded the lighting in the warehouse to provide better illumination and to drastically reduce the electricity used.

By switching out the older SON style high-pressure sodium light fixtures in the warehouse, Plymouth Service Centre have made it much brighter, with a more "daylight" feel. The LED lights are far more efficient, rated at 200W rather than the 400W for the old sodium light fittings. This means more light for half the electricity, and with 49 lights replaced, that's a lot of Watts.

Plymouth Service Centre new warehouse lighting

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RBL Truck Retouched
RBL Truck Retouched
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