Righton Blackburns Limited are proud to be the sole UK distributor of Steel Color® a leading pattern and colouring stainless steel specialists. Steel Color's advanced technology, unique design and polishing techniques enables us to provide a wide range of stainless steel patterns, finishes and custom creations.

Steel Color®

INCO & PVD Process

Steel Color (INCO)

Steel Color (INCO) coloured range is created Coloration by interference or Electrochemical colouring Chemical dipped process.

The procedure is a Electrochemical Process known as (INCO) method which is a computer controlled electrochemical process; there are no dyes or pigments applied. This is a transparent oxide layer and therefore will not fade or crack

The INCO Interference effect: The immersion time of the stainless steel the and the applied layer of chromium oxide, will create the optical effect of the various colours . This process is a composition of the light spectrum and the depending on viewing angle, light it will give the appearance of a different color shade effect.

T-Steel (PVD)

Tsteel is a coloured stainless steel range which is obtained through the PVD technology (acronym of Physical Vapor Deposition): the plasma deposition allows the synthesis of nanostructure thin film coatings.

This process takes place in vacuum chambers where the metallic ions, vaporized and activated by plasma, condense on the stainless steel surface sheet

Benefits And Features
  • PVD (TSteel) Process is Environmental friendly unlike the traditional INCO electro chemical process which uses chemicals in the dipping process.
  • PVD (TSteel) Range materials stays the same colour in relation to angle and light. Unlike Inco has a reaction with color shading depending on elevation and light at that time of day.
  • The colours offer a Vibrant Visual effect due to the titanium content
  • PVD (TSteel) offers a slightly more robust finish compared to the Inco process.

Steel Color can also offer handrails and fittings please contact you local service for further information.

Steel Color Accreditations
  • ISO 9001.2008 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental)
  • BS 18001 (production Quality standards)
Steel Color Offer The Same As
  • Steel Color Electrochemical colouring dipping (INCO). Other trade name ColourTex®
  • Non Directional satin polish Other trade name VORTEX™
  • Chemical Etched Other trade name MetalArt™
  • Bead blasted (Pallinato) Other trade name GRANEX™
  • T-Steel Physical Vapour Deposition colouring process (PVD). Other trade name T22

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