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We are pleased to announce that the planned merger of Righton Limited and Blackburns Metals Limited will happen on the 5th November 2018, and forms Righton & Blackburns Limited.

Our origins: two market leading metals distributors, with the ability and agility to interconnect

Our proposition: our ease of interconnection combined with the individual business strengths creates fusion. Fusion is where the whole is greater than the sum of the elements. It enables us to add value to customers through an enhanced experience; access to unrivalled expertise; a more comprehensive logistical infrastructure with faster response times, and an improved service offering throughout the UK.

FUSION - (The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity – Oxford English Dictionary)

  • Fusion of skill sets
  • Fusion of operations
  • Fusion of products and services
  • Fusion of service centre networks
  • Fusion between customers and our business

Our vision: The Righton & Blackburns leadership team has a united vision which looks towards the future to becoming the most respected and reliable distributor of metal and related products. We will do this by eliminating risk for customers and fulfilling a pivotal role in increasingly quality-critical supply chains.

Our strategy: to differentiate our business through the fusion of our expertise and skills sets; of our people; of our specialist products and services, and the resulting fusion between our customers and our business.

How will it happen: Whilst the companies will officially merge on the 5th of November, it will take us a little while to complete the logistics of the merger. We plan to have this this in place very early in 2019, and we will keep you updated on our progress.

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Weights Disclaimer

All weights shown on this website are for guidance only. They are calculated using nominal dimensions and scientifically recognised densities. Please note that in practice, the actual weight can vary significantly from theoretical weight due to variations in manufacturing tolerances and compositions.

The information contained herein is based on our present knowledge and experience and is given in good faith. However no liability will be accepted by the Company in respect of any action taken by any third party in reliance thereon. As the products used herein may be used for a wide variety of purposes and as the Company has no control over their use, the Company specifically excludes all conditions and warranties expressed or implied by statute or otherwise as to dimensions, properties and/or their fitness for any particular purpose. Any advice given by the Company to any third party is given for that party’s assistance only and without any liability on the part of the Company.

Any contract between the Company and a customer will be subject to the Company's Conditions of Sale. The extent of the Company's liabilities to any customer is clearly set out in these Conditions; a copy of which is available on request.

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Registered in England & Wales.
Company No. 00143411
VAT No. 711115591

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For more details on orders & payments to Righton & Blackburns Limited, please select a Service Centre from the map opposite. Specific details are available for each Service Centre.

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